Criminal Law translation

While translators are often able to find work doing translation for law firms, many of the opportunities to do so deal with issues such as immigration. While immigration law is more likely to have clients who don’t speak English, criminal lawyers require translation services from time to time as well. Using a service such as Translationz can actually be very important to criminal lawyers, as mistranslations can not only affect the integrity of a case, but can also put the freedom of the lawyer’s clients in jeopardy.


Needing Translations

There are a number of aspects of criminal cases that may require accurate translations.  Testimonies for or against a client, police reports or other evidence pertaining to the case, and even the client’s own statements may need to be translated if the client in question doesn’t speak English. Without translation, the lawyer may not be able to accurately convey important information to his or her client or understand the client’s side of the story. If statements or other information from other parties need to be translated, then the lawyer will need to be able to fully understand what’s being said about the client.

Essential Accuracy

Because of the nature of translation services for criminal law cases, accuracy is of the utmost importance. Subtle changes in meaning or other mistakes that might occur during translation can have a big impact on both the prosecution and the defence in a criminal case, and this can undermine a lawyer’s work on behalf of the client. Translationz works with criminal layers every day and we are  able to translate with accuracy.

Calm Under Pressure

Criminal law can be stressful because a lot of pressure is put on everyone involved, and as translation company we too share in this pressure. Legal jargon can be confusing if to those not familiar, and tight deadlines will undoubtedly make everything seem more stressful than it already is. We been through many tight deadlines and stressful sitations are have systems in place because staying calm and doing our work is essential when working on a criminal case. When things are the most stressful is when we all can least afford to make a mistake.

When we Work with Criminal Lawyers

When Translationz works with criminal law cases we staff experience legal translators on the assignments.  Those translators who have had experience working in a court setting and are able to accurately translate legal terms and other jargon.  Give Translationz a call for your legal translation or legal interpreting needs. Whether you need an accurate translation of a legal document or an on-site interpreter at your law office, client’s location, or court, we will provide the most qualified professional for your project.


written by: Karen Hodgson, CEO of Translationz