Very few companies have deep expertise in professional interpreter services.  With thousands of interpreting jobs completed around the world, Translationz will have the skills and experience to serve your organization with interpretration services.  Translationz has the team, know how, equipment, technology and commitment to service that leads to exceptional client satisfaction. Call us today to discuss your interpreter needs and see why we are the choice for your interpreter agency.

Interpreter Agency

Interpreter services from Translationz provide professional staff who translates speech.  In 2011, our language interpreters have helped hundreds of clients with thousands of hours of interpreting services.

Our interpreting services are available to meet your needs.  Some common requests are:

  • business meetings
  • Medical appointments
  • Legal interpreters
  • Deposition interpreter
  • Interpretration for phone call
  • Conference interpreter
  • Trade show support
  • Focus group translation

We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.  These are jargon terms used in the industry.

Consecutive Interpreter

A consecutive interpreter is an interpreter who will interpret immediately after a sentence, or idea has been spoken.  The speaker then waits for the interpreter to complete the interpretation and then continues with the next sentence or idea.  This technique is normal for business meetings, telephone interpreting, trade shows, legal and medical appointments.

Simultaneous Interpreter

A simultaneous interpreter will interpret at the same time as the source language being spoken.  This technique is used where it is inappropriate for the speaker to have pauses for the interpreter to speak.   Simultaneous interpreters often work in pairs and take turns interpreting every few minutes.  We use our simultaneous interpreter services at conferences and at business meetings where one or a few speakers or listeners require the interpretation. 

Interpreter Audio Equipment

Simultaneous interpreting often utilizes interpreting audio equipment.   Simultaneouus interpreters speak into a microphone and the people who are listening to the interpreters use an earphone device to hear the interpreter.    Ask us about using our interpreter audio equipment in your area for an additional fee.

Sign Language Interpreter

We have received some inquiries about whether we provide sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired, so we are entering this area of interpreting services.  Ask us whether we can provide a sign language interpreter in your area.


Popular Interpreting Services:

Russian Interpreting in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba is experiencing an agricultural boom which has required Russian interpreting.

French Interpreting in San Francisco, CA

We have great French interpreters in San Francisco, California.

Korean Interpreting in Houston, TX

Our Korean interpreters in Houston, Texas are some of the best you can find.

Hindi Interpreting in Calgary, AB, Canada

We can provide experienced Hindi interpreters in Calgary, Alberta.

Interpreting in Dallas, TX - Many Languages

Dallas, Texas is a multi-cultural and international business hub requiring interpreters in many languages.  We provide highly qualified interpreters in Dallas.

Chinese Interpreting in Chicago, IL

We have seen an increase in the requests for Chinese interpreting in Chicago Illinois, from Chinese deposition interpreters to Chinese interpreters that assist with U.S. immigration interviews.

Spanish Interpreting in Chicago, IL

There are many Spanish speakers living and working in and around Chicago, Illinois.  We have experienced that many of them require an interpreter to conduct everyday business.  Likewise, many Chicago IL residents and businesses require an interpreter to conduct every day business with Spanish-only speakers.  Examples range from contracting Spanish workers, to health care, to legal interpreting.

Italian Interpreting in Las Vegas, NV

We have great Italian interpreters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mandarin Interpreting in Toronto, ON, Canada

We can provide Mandarin interpreters in Toronto, Ontario.